Thinking of starting a certain sport? Want to start training for a new challenge? Or are you training already but don’t want injuries to stand a chance?

Level up is the place to be. Our scientific screenings lower the risks of injury. No injuries mean no loss of precious training time. And of course: better results! You’d be crazy not to do it.

How? There are 2 ways


This screening method is absolutely unique. With our thermographic camera we detect “hot spots” in the body. Why? These spots indicate where there’s elevated activity, temperature or asymmetry in your body. That way we know where possible injuries could arise.

The benefit of this method? Discovering places of physical overload even before they result in complaints or pain. The chance of injuries decreases ánd you have more time preparing for your sports performance.


Not all parts in your body are equally strong. With Spartanova we search for possible weak links. In time these less strong spots could lead to injuries, which is exactly what you DON’T want.

Every type of sport has an impact on specific body parts. The risk factors for which we screen depend on which sport you play. Are you a top-class athlete? Or a recreational one? Your level is another key element. Your screening as an avid cyclist will be different from that of a professional swimmer.

After the screening we compare your results to several benchmarks. That immediately tells us where the weak links in your body are and where the risks of injury are higher.

Now we’re perfectly prepared to start working on those weak links. We are going to strengthen those body parts and prevent injuries, either in our practice with personal coaching, either at home. After 3 months we examine you again. Then we can re-evaluate and adjust where and if necessary.

You probably get it. Our goal is to lift you to your next level without any annoying injuries or pain. Interested in working together? Send us an email for more information or book your appointment online.