The quality of your workout is directly affected by the quality of your recovery

The importance of recovery after physical exertion is often underestimated. No, it’s not only crucial for top-class athletes! Whether you are one of the best sportsmen in the world, or just work out two times a week: everyone benefits from a good recovery.

At Level up we offer 2 ways to do that: the NormaTec Boots or a stimulating sports massage.


Herstellen van je training?

1) Normatec Boots

Through pressure and vibration therapy the NormaTec Boots increase your blood flow and speed up your recovery.

The boots consist of several compartments that each in turn apply pressure to your body. Like that you create the same effect as a massage!

It stimulates your blood circulation and enhances a better removal (drainage) of waste products in your body. This reduces the soreness in your muscles and means they can recover faster.

The logical result? You’ll need less time to recover and you’ll be crushing records in no time again.

2) Sports massage

A sports massage still is one of the best ways to recover from a heavy training session or competition. It stimulates the blood flow in your muscles, which removes waste products and lactic acid from your body faster and makes your muscles feel less sore. We take you fiercely in hand to prevent injuries and of course enhance your performance.