Yana Cosyns Physiotherapist Whether it’s your first consultation, or the tenth, Yana will always welcome you with lots of empathy and enthusiasm. This little perfectionist does not shy away from a hard challenge. And no, failure is not an option. No surprise she used to be a competitive swimmer. In her spare time she loves to grind heavily during a good, sweaty CrossFit workout. And every once in a while she puts some of those exercises in your training schedule. You better be prepared! Level Up - Mailyana@levelupphysio.be Level Up - Phone+32 478 60 31 27
Jurgen Cop Physiotherapist To become a physiotherapist for a top-class cycling team… That was Jurgens absolute childhood dream. One he made come true! Besides working at the practice, Jurgen is a physiotherapist/soigneur for the Alpecin-Fenix cycling team. He accompanies the team at training camps and races, making sure that the racers show up as fit as possible at the start. In the past he also was a competitive cyclist and swimmer. Jurgens most recent dream? To coach as many athletes as possible during their rehabilitation, to prepare them for competitions and prevent them from getting injured. Level Up - Mailjurgen@levelupphysio.be Level Up - Phone+32 478 58 38 27

Collaboration allows us to know more than we ware capable of knowing by ourselves

Paul Solarz
  • Barefoot training specialists (Level 1&2)
  • Redcord specialist (Level 1)
  • Lymfedrainage ad modum vodder
  • Blood flow restriction
  • Dynamic taping
  • Dry Needling
  • Manuele therapie
  • Spartanova experts
  • Temporomanidubulaire klachten
  • Belgian first infrared thermography specialists